The candidate recruited by RealTech is a bilingual- many times, trilingual, culturally exposed professional with proven international business experience. Often, experience doing business in the US and Latin America , added to particular skill sets and competencies allow an executive to work smoothly in an International operations environment. The preferred candidate attracted by RealTech would be able to become a strategic asset to companies with short and long-term objectives in the US, Latin America or Worldwide.

How does RealTech ensure highly qualified bilingual experienced professionals?

  • Focusing on the client's needs and requirements.
  • Searching for candidates that meet the client's needs and have the competencies and wisdom to do the work.
  • Using the competitive advantages of its network of affiliates and independent consultants, as well as its own international experts.
  • Recruiting people who fit the client's corporate culture, environment and business strategy.
  • Conducting full reference checks to save time, money and avoiding HR surprises.
RealTech is capable of handling multiple assignments. We will prove ourselves a valuable source for finding high, mid-level executives and professionals for your international organization's operations.

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